I gave a lightning talk yesterday at an event I helped organize for GDG Space Coast covering what was new in Firebase for Web Applications from the Firebase Summit back in September.

Adventures in Making Slides

I originally did my slides in Keynote to tryout the transitions that it provides. I ran into an error when my iCloud save presentation didn't sync properly so I was stuck having to redo my slides just before and during the beginning of the event. I went to share them in this blog post and I realized with the videos I included I would need to remake my slides once again. First I had to export the slides as PowerPoint from Keynote as Google Slides doesn't support importing Keynote slides. After I imported I decided to take a look at the branding guidelines Google Developers recently pushed out to organizers of Google Developer Groups. I copied over some of the slides for my intro and thank you slide. I'll have to remember to use the provided templates as a basis for future slides.