• @manton I feel they did an excellent job bringing the Fallout universe to TV. Friends who also never played games really enjoyed the show as well.

  • @gilcreque I started looking up the podcasts I used to listen to and I was reminded of the B & B podcast with @ben and @shawnblanc I can’t believe it ended 10 years ago 🤯

  • @manton nice! I love hitting up local coffee shops. Did you bring your own Internet or do you use a hotspot (assuming you even brought a laptop).

  • @brandontreb yeah! What’s funny is I cannot do this at home for some reason. Only when I am away somewhere.

  • @gilcreque looking forward to thanking the Phonecians

  • @jean We sought out the new train in Florida, Brightline, and my family are now big fans of train travel. We look forward to the next phase which will connect Orlando to Miami.

  • @tiff @fgtech a similar event that I had never heard of until The Watchmen TV show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsaracemassacre

  • @mindofaaronw yeah, it caught my eye as I walked by this alley.

  • @chriscoyier nice list! I use Dank Mono myself.

  • @seldo this is why I like using micro.blog. It aas designed to curb that.

  • @holgerfrohloff They do not. That is really the thing I do not like about it. I’m hoping someday they put something out.

  • @chriscoyier wrote up a great post on what he likes about the Arc browser. I have been using it for a few months now but I hadn't gone all in as he did but after reading his review I decided to do it. Luckily Arc has a profile ability which I use a lot in Chrome to keep my work, personal, and test accounts all separate. It was easy to create a new profile for work and import my settings from Chrome and get going. The biggest thing I learned from Chris was the split view. I had no idea it existed before this post. Here is an invite link if you would like access.


  • @seldo that’s one of my favorite features of the Arc browser. I don’t even have to think about it.

  • @ultimike 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @AccordionGuy I think you’re right. 😅

  • @Alligator so there is a previous movie titled Black Panther that this is a sequel too. His also appears in several Avengers movies starting with Civil War.

  • @manton looks relaxing 🌲🌊

  • @manton I actually almost posted this morning to ask how big of a bump you are seeing. I recently turned on the Mastodon feature and started adding people. It is very handy!

  • @f I went from a 0 to the Ultra. No regrets here!

  • @fortyseven Now I have someone to follow on Mastodon! I hadn't turned it on until now. I've been on micro.blog since it launched and I know there has been an influx of new users. This happened years ago too.

  • @manton super excited here on the Space Coast! I too just finished watching all of For All Mankind and I am super pumped!

  • @val thanks! My neighbor told us their name so there are at least 2 families calling it Harry 😄

  • @jean I love Obsidian. I use it every chance I get. obsidian.md

  • @gilcreque I think I figured this out. The function that prints isn't returning anything. It just prints to the console. It is considered a NoneType.

  • @aaronpk 😻

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