• Grinding in the bathroom because My wife is on a work call #wfhlife

  • Work-from-porch day

  • I took an at home food sensitivity blood test just now. I used a lancet to prick my finger to fill five circles on a card. I could barely fill three. Pricked the other side of my finger and OMG it would not stop flowing and easily filled all the circles. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • She found a new spot to hang out and bother me.

  • Patterns App - Regex Tool for the Mac

    I am sure I have posted about this app before but it requires mentioning it again. I could not imagine writing regualr expressions without using the Patterns app on the Mac. It allows you to test your regex in an editor and see a cheat sheet. When you are done, you can get export the regex code for your language. I highly recommend it!


  • Slow Kids At Play 4th of July Wkndr 2020 🎵🎧🎛️

  • Just hanging at work.

  • History of Our World Part 1 aka Beatz kind of day


  • This is the awesome succulent planter my wife put together for for Father’s Day. 🥰

  • The Struggle

    From Facebook but it applies elsewhere

    I’m struggling right now.

    Some of yall on here have been unfriended already for your lack of understanding or being straight up racist.

    Some of yall haven’t said a thing that shows me that you care about what’s happening right now.

    Some of yall have shared shit that shows me you aren’t taking this seriously.

    Some of yall are letting your friends and family say shit that we both know is wrong yet you let it slide.

    If we aren’t holding each other accountable then why are we even “friends” on this website or in real life for that matter.

    EDIT: Let me put it another way so it is crystal clear:

    Act like I was killed last Monday

  • Anger Is A Gift

    Listen to one of my favorite albums of all time. Listen to the lyrics. Really listen. Almost 30 years old and it is more relevant to me now than it was when I was a teenager just really coming to grips on how people of color are treated in America. I say that because back then these atrocities were few and far between as far as anyone could tell because we weren’t as connected as we are now. The last 10-15 years has proven that it happens more than we realized.


  • I have been extremely tense, both emotionally and physically, all day long. I tried to escape at lunch by playing Animal Crossing but ever since then my physical tenseness has really increased. Everything that is happening right now is too much.

  • Just waiting for my flight ✈️ to board. #acnh

  • Last night I watched Shogun Assassin with commentary from The RZA and friends. I’ve seen it before but hearing The RZA talk about the movie and how it was used to make my favorite Wu Album, Liquid Swords, was pretty dope.

  • Did some rearranging of all of our desks for continued WFH. In doing so I freed up a monitor so I decided to try out a new battle station configuration.

  • My wife called me an old man after putting socks on to wear my house shoes. Not sure what she means? 🤔 🤥 😆

  • At the Malabar Scrub Trail. Does anyone else see a kangaroo? 🦘

  • If you are looking for some new masks my friend has some great ones on her Etsy shop. She made hundreds of masks for people in need. They have a nose wire and a pocket for filters Check them out. etsy.me/19wwY0b

  • Hanging with the homies

  • Giving the old Chromebook a much needed hard drive upgrade. From 16GB to 240GB.

  • Mondayest of All Mondays

    I usually love Mondays but today was the stereotypical Mondayest of all Mondays I have had in a long time. Monday marks the beginning of a new week and I’m usually pretty recharged and ready to go after the weekend. Today was no different until things started going awry. My co-worker was looking into a bug that was happening in somewhat new functionality to our application. I had been testing this functionality a lot the week prior so I knew it was working as expected before. He also observed it working correctly but on Friday it started acting differently. I spent the morning tearing it down so I could see what the problem was. After spending quite some time on it I once again saw no problem with the actual code but it was exhibiting a race condition that made no sense. I stepped away at lunch to recharge and regroup as I had another task I needed to start working on today. After my meeting in the afternoon I helped my son get setup to finish his school work. He had to make a video and his main PC had to be sent in for repair so he was using my older MacBook. I hadn’t updated it in several years and this meant he could not instal iMovie on it from the App Store. I had home try to use iMovie on the iPad and of course it too was out of date and could not install iMovie. It was time to upgrade the MacBook to Catalina. After getting that going I went to go start on my afternoon task for work and the Internet went out for the entire house. I had just installed a second new router in less than a month and was pretty frustrated that getting a new router did not seem to fix the problem. Over 4 hours later I finally pinpointed the likely culprit, my LAN switch connected to the router. After disconnecting that getting back on the Internet was a breeze. I have spent MANY HOURS the last month or so on fixing WiFI and networking issues. It is particularly stressful as no one in my house can do the work they need to do with out it. I was wondering if I would be able to even fix this today. I’m glad it is over and I can put this BS behind me … for now.

  • Grumble grumble PCs grumble

  • We made good use of the new hammock this weekend.

  • Spotify Playlist: Genre Glitch

    This Spotify playlist is really hitting it out of the park!

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