Is there anything more satisfying than using your RegEx Fu to save a bunch of time? #idontthinkso

Coding and such

I tried posting using the Sunlit app on but it crashed. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m doing some coding tonight on an old node app that needs some upgrades. I’m really loving Visual Studio Code. A great place to do your coding work in can be very inspiring IMHO. Before this I used to really love using Visual Studio. Before that it was Ultraedit for everything. Code just keeps getting better and better. I’ve done some modifications recently to make it more my own. I’ve been meaning to update the preferences page I created on my blog to show some of my recommendations. Someday.

I don’t pay attention to coins like I used to when I was a kid but this one caught my eye as I was going through my change.

I’m still rocking this Jawbone Jambox. It’s a great little speaker.