I am

Gil Creque

  • a content ✍️️ and lead software 💻 developer at Codecraft Works where I develop software that teaches kids about technology and how to code
  • a developer and IT consultant ⌨️️💼
  • a technologist 🤓
  • a tech early✳️ adopter
  • a Florida Gator/SEC football fan, Go Gators! 🐊🏈
  • a graduate of UCF, Charge On! ⚡🔛
  • always learning 🎒
  • currently interested in the Angular 🅰️, .NET Core 🥅, Python 🐍, PHP 🐘, STE(A)M 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓, Gaming 🕹️, Podcasts 🎤
  • working on the Space Coast Tech Club, dedicated to the tech and creative community of the Space Coast of Florida where I provide a free and public Slack and share tech events happening in the area.