I usually love Mondays but today was the stereotypical Mondayest of all Mondays I have had in a long time. Monday marks the beginning of a new week and I’m usually pretty recharged and ready to go after the weekend. Today was no different until things started going awry. My co-worker was looking into a bug that was happening in somewhat new functionality to our application. I had been testing this functionality a lot the week prior so I knew it was working as expected before. He also observed it working correctly but on Friday it started acting differently. I spent the morning tearing it down so I could see what the problem was. After spending quite some time on it I once again saw no problem with the actual code but it was exhibiting a race condition that made no sense. I stepped away at lunch to recharge and regroup as I had another task I needed to start working on today. After my meeting in the afternoon I helped my son get setup to finish his school work. He had to make a video and his main PC had to be sent in for repair so he was using my older MacBook. I hadn’t updated it in several years and this meant he could not instal iMovie on it from the App Store. I had home try to use iMovie on the iPad and of course it too was out of date and could not install iMovie. It was time to upgrade the MacBook to Catalina. After getting that going I went to go start on my afternoon task for work and the Internet went out for the entire house. I had just installed a second new router in less than a month and was pretty frustrated that getting a new router did not seem to fix the problem. Over 4 hours later I finally pinpointed the likely culprit, my LAN switch connected to the router. After disconnecting that getting back on the Internet was a breeze. I have spent MANY HOURS the last month or so on fixing WiFI and networking issues. It is particularly stressful as no one in my house can do the work they need to do with out it. I was wondering if I would be able to even fix this today. I’m glad it is over and I can put this BS behind me … for now.